Crude wax, also called petroleum wax or slack wax, is an unrefined mixture of high-melting hydrocarbons, mainly of the normal straight-chain type, still containing a fairly high percentage of oil. It is obtained by filtration (as such or after addition of a solvent) from high boiling distillates or residual oils. A semi-refined wax, distinguished from scale wax by having generally higher oil content. Semi-refined slack waxes may have oil contents up to 30 mass percent. Slack waxes with oil content below 10 mass percent are used for manufacture of religious candles. Slack wax is the crude wax produced by chilling and solvent filter-pressing wax distillate. There are basically three types of slack wax produced, the type depending on the viscosity of the lube oil being dewaxed: low neutral, medium neutral and heavy neutral.

Top uses of Slack Wax

• Cosmetics
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Technical applications
• Blending and match industries
• Paraffin manufacturing and fuel industries


Depends on the Customer as there are 4%, 12% and 40% oil contents, light and heavy.