Top uses of Paraffin

• "Hot-Melt" adhesives
• Candles
• Agriculture
• Food
• Electrical and electronic applications
• Rubber
• Matches
• Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
• Textile industry
• Skiing and surfing material
• Paper and cardboard

Waxed paper for wrapping foodstuffs is well known. Paper on its own does not sufficiently insulate the content, which means that its surface has to be coated with a material that provides an additional barrier to the passage of moisture, micro-organisms and odors and which conserves the aromas and flavors of the packaged products. Paraffin wax meets these requirements perfectly. On the other hand, corrugated cardboard packaging also needs a material such as paraffin wax to provide rigidity and insulation.

• Chipboard
• Surface protection, paints and varnishes
• Candles

Paraffin wax is also used in explosives manufacturing, Vaseline, grafts or cork stoppers, among many more.


Up to the customer to decide the exact specs as it depends on the oil content - the less content the oil %, the higher the price is.